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The Working Moms Virtual Brunch - Replay

If you’re a working mom you probably find yourself in the following situations:

• You’re constantly strapped for time
• You’re out of shape but can’t find the time to work out
• You feel isolated from your friends
• Your wardrobe is a joke
• You can never stick to your budget, if you even have one

Overwhelming, isn’t it?!

You’d love to meet with your girlfriends over brunch to chat about everything from your new gym membership that you have yet to use, to the budget that you can’t seem to stick to…and everything in between including your drab wardrobe that you haven’t updated in years and the new job that’s going to provide you with the disposable income to make all of this a reality.

You don’t just want to vent, though. You want those conversations to be productive. There has to be someone at the brunch table who has the answers. Someone who can share their expert tips on how to make it work.

What if you could do all of that from the privacy of your own home in your pajamas?

Check out this 2-hour recording of The Working Moms Virtual Brunch that is packed with AHA moments. Grab your pen and paper, sit back, and prepare to be re-energized!

"Great first virtual brunch I am already looking forward to the second." - Amy T.

"This session was amazing, it really gave me hope that I can truly make the money that I want by doing what I love!" - Malaika J.

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